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Enjoying Your Own Party

A few years ago, I went to the best party that I have ever been to. It was my friend's wedding reception, and I can't even begin to tell you how much thought and planning she put into the event. She had activities for everyone, and the atmosphere was amazing. Ever since that day, I have been trying to make the parties that I plan just as fun and interesting. Although my parties might not be up to snuff quite yet, I have learned a few tricks that might help you, too. Check out this website for more information on creating memorable events.


How To Pull Off A Surprise Party Without Ruining The Surprise

If you are going to be hosting a birthday party for a loved one, and you wish for the event to be a complete surprise, there are several steps you will need to keep under wraps as you are making preparations so they do not find out about the party beforehand. Hosting a surprise party is fun when it goes off without a hitch but feels awkward when someone catches wind there is a party in their honor being arranged. Here are some points to consider when hosting a surprise party to help keep it a secret until the last possible minute, allowing the recipient the joy of having an impromptu party because they did not know about it in advance.

Start With Invitations

Make sure you indicate the entire event is a surprise on the invitations you send. Use big, bold lettering so guests are well-aware they are not supposed to tell the recipient there is going to be a party. You may need to spell it out in the invitations by writing a phrase like "Shh don't say a word", or "Don't ruin the surprise" so people know for sure that they should not say anything to the birthday person.

Be Careful Who You Tell

If you know there is someone who cannot keep a secret who will need to be a guest, do not invite them until the last possible second. This way the party will ultimately be a surprise to them as well. It is the only way you can be sure the guest of honor will not find out beforehand. If you have children coming to the party, let their parents know not to tell them about the party until right beforehand as well, unless they are positive they will not see the birthday person until the party itself or if they are sure the child can keep a secret. Small children can wait until the party day arrives.

Take Care When Decorating

The best way to hold a party that will not be discovered is to have the party at an area away from the home or place the guest of honor works. Rent an area to host the event if possible, or use party rentals from a company like Highway 55 Rental & Sales. If you must hold the event in a location they frequent, you will need to have someone bring them off-site while you prepare. This can get a little tricky. It will need to be a valid reason in order for it to be believable by the person having the birthday. Decorate quickly while they are away and have guests hide until the birthday person returns. Do not leave stray decorations out where they will be seen before the surprise is given. 

Give Guests Details

Let guests know they should park their vehicle around the block or in a different parking lot away from the party event so the guest of honor doesn't notice there is an increase in traffic in the area. They may recognize a vehicle as being a friend or family member's even in a large parking lot, so it is best everyone parks somewhere else. Tell guests to bring their bags, coats, and gifts along with them in the room where the surprise is going to be given so they are not seen by the guest of honor before they hear that delightful "Surprise" yelled out.